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Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are perfect for all interiors. They have this all-round quality to suit diverse looks. The clean and crips line of Louverline’s Venetian blinds give an uncluttered look to windows.​

These super light Venetian blinds come with cord lock and acrylic tilt wand mechanism; these are available in solid plain colors, metallic finishes and perforated slats.​

When fully raised, the blinds stack in to a very small footprint at the top of the window, without obscuring your view. Of course, you can simply tilt the Venetian blind slats and precisely control the amount of light you let in to the room.​

Surprisingly easy to clean either by a quick dusting or they can be wiped clean - making them excellent blinds for kitchens and bathrooms.

Key features

  • No Visible holes

  • Greater privacy & security

  • Aluminium head rail & bottom rail for anti-corrosion, Ideal for coastal areas

  • No reflection on television & computer screen

  • Suitable for windows in direct sunlight

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